Photobiomodulation in Neuroinflammation

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Course Overview

The intelligence of the human body lends itself to dialogue. One level of engagement is through our central nervous system, and others through higher centres of intelligence such as the immune system, vagal nerve and heart centre. Communication occurs more freely when these are supported by good circulation, replete vitamin and mineral levels, modulated immune activation and orchestrated “breathing.”

Excess neuroinflammation impairs neuroregeneration and results in multiple downstream pathologies. With simple photobiomodulation intervention one can ignite the intelligence of the brain and enhance adaptability of the neural support cells and stem cell regeneration, plus stimulate the synaptic network. We look forward to sharing these types of protocols, including neurofeedback and botanical isolates, along with other interventions that can enhance recovery of patients with unfortunate neurological insults and degenerative diseases.

Dr. James Laporta is an integrative Medical Doctor specialising in oncology and neurodegenerative disorders. His clinic in Cape Town, and recently in London, utilises a combination of botanical isolates, photobiomodulation, neuro-feedback and mindbody interventions; revering the continuum of human experience from conventional biochemical process to psychoneuroimmunology and broader ecological influence.

Dr. Laporta has been fortunate to pilot several novel therapies and refine protocols since 2016 in South Africa, and is passionate about sharing what has been discovered in his attempts to modulate neuroinflammation using photobiomodulation. His work has been found to have a positive influence on cases of motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, acute stroke recovery and dementia.