By Alexander Calapini-Solberg

What happens to the body when it gets exposed to electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation, known as EMF radiation from cell towers, radio towers, TV towers, radar stations, cell phones, computers, WiFi and other sources?

The main purpose of the neuro-endocrine system is to send stress signals and hormones through the neuron system in case of any kind of emergency with your body. Example; you fall and bruise yourself. Then the neuro-endocrines systems sends stress signals through the neuron system to the adrenal glands on the top of your kidneys to produce adrenaline, steroids aldosterone and cortisol. The hypothalamus in the brain response according to the level of cortisol produced. The body will then start to self repair with the help of your immune system.

Forced activation of stress cells

The same exact thing happens when we are exposed to EMF radiation. The neuroendocrines system sends stress signals through the neuron system to the adrenal glands, because the stress cells have been “forced-activated” by the EMF radiation.

Then the adrenal glands starts to produce adrenaline, steroids aldosterone and cortisol. The problem now is that there is nothing to repair and the immune system was activated for nothing. As a result of constant stress calls from the EMF radiation will over time cause harm to the body and immune system.

The immune system is a very complex system with things like white blood cells, antibodies, complement system, lymphatic system, spleen, bone marrow and thymus. That is why it is very important to be aware of the dangers exposure to EMF radiation can cause over long periods of time to all life forms.

Blood cell damage and macrophage imprisonment

When electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation hits the body they vibrate the blood cells and damage them. The blood cells clumps together because of the vibration caused by the electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation and this is known as rouleaux blood. Rouleaux are stacks or aggregations of red blood cells (RBCs) that form because of the unique discoed shape of the cells in vertebrates.

They occur when the plasma protein concentration is high and because of them the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is also increased. This restricts the blood flow through out the body and will cause less oxygen to flow through the system. Doctors
will normally say it is because of an allergic reaction to certain antibiotics and not necessarily because of a disease.

The knowledge of EMF radiation and how it really impacts the body is normally not present in the studies to become a doctor. Blood cells will recover with no problem on a healthy diet, and if we stop the short and long term exposures of EMF radiations.