After 35 years in practice as a medical doctor, researching different ways to approach health and disease, Dr Bernard Brom developed an Integrative way of working with clients.

He is now teaching a course for medical doctors based on his years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

After selling his practice early in 2012 he decided to teach other doctors all the information, protocols and techniques he has found useful over 35 years of practice.

This course is less about the details, which can be obtained from textbooks and courses, and more about the principles and practice which will allow each doctor to begin using the information and techniques immediately. Dr Brom is focused on turning any medical doctor into an effective Integrative doctor within a few days through a personal, interactive teaching process.

Course outline

  • The nature of ill health. Dr Brom’s unique philosophy around medicine, healing and Integrative Medicine.
  • Systems theory and the flow of health to ill health.
  • Lifestyle management: Why food choices, exercise, sleep and stress management are the most important approaches to chronic disease.
  • Dysfunctions underlie all chronic disease which are metabolic problem. Learn about 25 different metabolic disturbances and how to correct them.
  • How to help patients deal with stress.
  • Protocols of treatments that work.
  • Natural products that have worked in Dr Brom’s practice
  • Developing a management protocol for each patient.
  • Pain management.

“I feel very inspired about Integrative Medicine after attending the course. It was extremely practical and as a result I could immediately start using different protocols on my patients with confidence.” Dr Jean Railton, Tzaneen.

“All diseases are preceded by a disturbance in function. Integrative doctors focus on the dysfunction rather than the disease.”

  • Note: The course is for registered health practitioners only

Course accredited for CPD points

No more than 6 doctors will be admitted to the course to ensure personal attention.

  • Venue: Noordhoek, Cape Town
  • Cost: R11 500 per person
  • Date: To be announced

Costs include tuition, teas and lunches; course notes (including 70-80 pages of notes on dysfunction, protocols, nutritional remedies, Mind Maps).

In addition, Dr Brom will be available to answer questions after the course, within 24 hours if possible. Payment terms can be arranged.

Contact details

  • Tel: 021 789 2682
  • Cell: 083 660 0453

Or email:

“I am very grateful for Bernard’ s generosity in sharing. It was an incredible experience. I would highly recommend this course to any doctor beginning to think out of the box.” Dr Ela Manga, Johannesburg