Fairy Rings and Mushroom Science


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For millennia, the sudden appearance of rings of mushrooms from the soil and trees, led humans to believe that sinister forces were at work.

Weird and wonderful explanations for the origins of fungi ranged from lightning strikes, through shooting stars, evil spirits, and all the way to dragons. The most exciting part of the folklore tales about mushrooms was always that which described the powers and effect of the mushrooms.

Even Santa Claus has been linked to fungi. One anthropologist has suggested that his red and white outfit symbolize Fly Agaric. Siberian shamans were known to consume this mushroom, and Santa’s use of the chimney is similar to a shaman custom of leaving a dwelling through its smoke hole during a festival. Interesting bedtime stories, but not nearly as interesting as the evidence-based beneficial effects of Lentinula edodes, from which AHCC is extracted.

From IgA, through natural killer cells, IL-1β, Toll-like receptors, interferon antisense RNA, and all the way to HPV 16/18, AHCC is set to revolutionize the way you practice.