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Treatment options for Long Covid and Cognitive Dysfunction

Presented by: 

  • Huzaifah Khan, Pharmacist
  • Nicky Colyn, Nurse
  • Ursula Shepherd, Pharmacist Assistant

Having practised through the pandemic, many prescribers were faced with considering new treatment modalities, with a substantial highlight on molecules in active ingredients that were not considered a part of the usual pharmaceutical options.

In the aftermath of the COVID Pandemic, more abstracts and research studies are being published on the effects of Long Covid and Cognitive Dysfunction.

Fagron invites you to a discussion on 3 molecules that have been studied, referenced and as proving very advantageous in treating patients with Long Covid, namely;

  • β-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)
  • Nicotinamide Riboside (in combination with Ginsenoside and methylcobalamin)
  • Mitochondrin


Huzaifah Khan

Huzaifah ained his pharmacy degree from Wits University in 2013 and thereafter completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. He is currently a Fellow in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine at the A4M Institute in partnership with the George Washington University.

Huzaifah’s career has spanned across various sectors of pharmacy including clinical pharmacy and management. Amongst his various achievements, Huzaifah was inducted into the Mail and Guardians Top 200 young South Africans 2020 for his work in public health and vaccination.

Huzaifah is the RP and Pharmacy Manager for Fagron Johannesburg. He is passionate about youth development, especially training and education and heads the Fagron Academy of South Africa.

Nicky Colyn

Nicky obtained her Diploma in NURSING (GENERAL, PSYCHIATRIC & COMMUNITY) AND MIDWIFE in 1999 and her passion for healthcare has led her through caring for patients hands on, providing medical equipment to ensure top quality in hospital care and now providing personalised treatments in compounding. Nicky has been the Area Sales manager for Fagron SA for the past 7 years and her driving force is that “Together we create the Future of Personalised Medicine and change peoples lives daily.”




Ursula Shepherd

Ursula qualified as a Pharmacist Assistant in 2007 and has always had a passion for providing assistance to patients with an in-depth health approach instead of the band aid approach. This interest led her to compounding and all of the benefits of compounded products that were not commercially available.