First-year summary from a specialized Pain Research Clinic

By Dr Yael Stein


  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is the fastest growing environmental pollutant
  • In Sweden, Electrohypersensitivity (“Microwave Sickness”) is recognized as a handicap
  • Incidence of EHS is 3-11% and rising with rise in exposure to EMR
  • In Israel, EHS patients are disbelieved. They are considered either psychiatric, or suffering from “nocebo” effect

Methods: Case series descriptive summary

  • The Electromagnetic Radiation Research Clinic was opened in 7/2018, following patient demand
  • Operates once monthly, three 2-hour meetings
  • Meeting includes: physical examination, thorough medical history including review of susceptibilities, medical symptoms, EMR exposure assessment and medical test results


  • 9 male, 10 female
  • Age range: 9-75, median age: 44
  • Patient professions: technician, economist, accountant, teacher, artist, social worker, child carer, pupil etc.


  • EHS patients in Israel are not recognized by the Medical community
  • Many patients suffer severe debilitating physical symptoms
  • A wide variety of neurologic and non-neurologic symptoms
  • Symptoms tend to appear in each patient’s weak/ vulnerable organs (head, neck, back, legs, abdomen, etc)
  • Each patient’s specific symptoms are consistent, reappearing each time he/she is exposed to EMR
  • Severe outcomes: some of these patients end up losing their workplace, their livelihood or even their home

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