Code of Conduct




Medical and Allied SASIM members belong to professional regulatory bodies like HPCSA and AHPCSA.

We expect our members to follow these councils’ code of ethics/conduct:

1. (Booklet 1-15)


3. The scope of practice in Integrative Medicine varies from practitioner to practitioner depending on the field of expertise of that practitioner. The modalities of treatment will therefore vary among practitioners.

SASIM encourages their members to:

  • Respect and work with other practitioners in the pursuit of best healthcare possible for all patients.

  • Support colleagues who uphold the core values in these guidelines.

  • Refer to other professionals in order to provide the best treatment for your patient.

  • Refrain from speaking badly about a professional to any other colleague.

  • Refrain from making a patient doubt a colleague’s skill, knowledge or choice of treatment.

4. If a member is found guilty of unprofessional conduct, he will be liable to provide an explanation to the SASIM executive committee. Following this inquiry, a member may be suspended for a period or their membership may be terminated with immediate effect.

5. Whatsapp Group:

  • The aim of the group is to provide a platform for communication between all practitioners in South Africa, so that knowledge can be shared.

  • It is also a place where a practitioner can get advice and support, which is in the patient’s best interest.

  • It is a group where referrals can be made.

  • Ideally, we would prefer to limit the chat group texts between Monday and Friday.

  • Jokes and personal messages should be avoided.

  • The SASIM code of conduct applies to the Whatsapp group as well.

  • A practitioner shall not speak ill of another colleague or patient.

  • We encourage all practitioners to partake in the discussions that take place on the group.

  • We aim to foster a sense of belonging among all integrative practitioners in South Africa.