Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE)



Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE)

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TRE is a revolutionary new body-based technique to get rid of all stored tension/stress/trauma in the body through our natural neurogenic tremor mechanism.

Our body’s natural survival instinct kicks in within a split second every time we experience stress/danger/helplessness. This results in a high charge to the muscle, in order to prepare the body for the fight or flight or freeze response. This happens through the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal hormone release and has an effect on almost all the organs and systems in the body. These stress hormones stay in the body and are one of the major causes of disease.

It is logical that if we have a natural reflex to prepare us for the fight or flight reaction, we must also have a reflex to take the body back to a natural state of calm. Studies in animals have shown that the only way the brain gets the message to stop the release of stress hormones is if the muscle “discharges” or “tremors”. Animals in captivity get the same type of diseases as humans, such as cancer and diabetes. Animals in the wild do not get these diseases but will die of old age, famine or being caught by a predator.

Dr David Berceli is the founder of TRE. He dedicated his life to helping people in war and disaster areas. He made the connection between the stress reaction in the body and the natural release of stress via the neurogenic tremors. He realized that tremoring releases the trauma in the body, and takes the body back to a state of calm. He also observed that all humans will contract in the foetal position during traumatic experiences, and small children will often have natural tremors afterwards. Older children and adults will not naturally tremor, because they are conditioned to perceiving tremoring as a sign of weakness.

Dr Berceli developed TRE as a unique way of activating the tremors in the body by means of a set of 6 stretch exercises. TRE are easy to learn and the beauty lies in the fact that the patients learn to do it themselves.
It is an amazing natural tool to help every human being, by empowering him/herself to help his/her body back to a state of health and wellbeing.