Flower Essence Therapy



Flower Essence Therapy

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This is a simple and natural method of establishing complete equilibrium and harmony of the emotions by means of energetic extracts of wild flowers, leaves and twigs.


The first flower remedies were discovered by a Physician, Dr Edward Bach, in England 80 years ago. They are still prepared in exactly the same manner, in the same place in England, and exported all over the world.
They are prepared either by placing fresh blooms in a bowl of purified water, and allowing the sun to extract the energetic essence into the water, or by boiling the plant material to extract the essence. This tincture, as it is called, is then preserved in alcohol and packaged into stock bottles.


Dr Bach’s 38 remedies cover most negative states of mind, and are not used directly for physical complaints, but for emotional imbalances. These negative states of mind or moods, not only hinder recovery of health, but are generally accepted as primary causes of disease.

For example, a long continued fear or worry will deplete the individual’s vitality. He/she will feel out of sorts or below par, and the body then loses it’s natural resistance, and may become susceptible to various disorders, or a state of dis-ease. With the use of the correct flower essence, balance and harmony return, restoring mind and body. This allows the Vital Force to flow freely again, allowing the body to effect it’s own natural healing.

The Bach Flower remedies are categorised under 7 headings:

1. Apprehension and fear
2. Uncertainty and indecision
3. Loneliness
4. Insufficient interest in present circumstances
5. Over-sensitiveness to ideas and influence
6. Despondency and despair
7. Over-care for the welfare of others.

Five of the remedies are combined in the well-known Rescue Remedy, which is so effective in states of shock, trauma or emergency. It can be used to calm and comfort anyone who has received bad news, or been the victim of an accident. It can be given to plants [for transplant shock etc] and to animals for any distressing situation. It can also be applied topically around the lips or below the ears if the patient is unconscious.

Aloe vera is a succulent plant with soothing and healing properties. Aloe Vera flower remedy is recommended when the individual has over extended their energy and the immune system is low. These individuals may have lots of energy but often times overdo it, resulting in exhaustion.


After a careful history is taken, the appropriate essences are chosen and placed into a treatment bottle, which contains pure water and a little alcohol as preservative. Any number of essences can be combined, but it is better to restrict the number to no more than 6 at a time. Rescue Remedy can also be added [counting as a single remedy].

The patient is instructed to take 4 drops directly on the tongue at least 4 times a day, or added to a glass of water and sipped through the day. They can be taken every 30-60 minutes in a crisis, reducing the frequency as the condition improves. As the emotions regain their balance, new remedies may be needed in subsequent treatment bottles, while others are no longer needed.

As they are so safe one cannot overdose, or become addicted to them. They can be taken by people of all ages, including infants – by adding the drops to their feeding bottles. They will not be influenced by, or affect, any other medicine prescribed to a person and taken concurrently.


Since the development of the original Bach Flower Remedies, many other essences have appeared which are prepared from a great variety of natural substances and intangibles. The Australian Bush Essences, the South African Flower & Gem Essences and Alaskan Flower Essences are some examples. Remedies can be selected from different systems and combined in one treatment.