Mission Statement

  1. Promote the science, art, philosophy and practice of Integrative Medicine in South Africa.
  2. Define clearly the relationship between promoting health and treating disease.
  3. Promote scientific study in the realm of Integrative Medicine in order to support evidence-based practice.
  4. Collect and circulate research and other information relating to the Integrative Medicine profession.
  5. Create a network of physicians with expertise in the field of Integrative Medicine in order to improve patient care.
  6. Support individual physicians in their practice of Integrative Medicine.
  7. Protect the professional and legal interests of integrative practitioners.
  8. Maintain professional standards for such practitioners.
  9. Maintain the role of the medical practitioner as the primary care provider, whilst working in a multidisciplinary team of other health providers.
  10. Empower the public to make informed choices in choosing Integrative Medicine therapies and to facilitate better access to these therapies.
  11. Build associations with associations, organisations and statutory councils in South Africa and elsewhere.
  12. Act as an advisory body to government and medical bodies in the formation of policies relating to integrative medicine.
  13. Promote improvements or changes in the law relating to medical practice where appropriate.
  14. Provide support for Medical Students with an interest in Integrative Medicine.