Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic frequencies or radiation (EMF or EMR) are all around us in our modern high-tech environment. While it is difficult to avoid them altogether, there are many things we can do to reduce the harmful effects on our health.

Why should we worry about electromagnetic radiation?

We cannot see them, but they are in our homes, in shopping malls, in hospitals and in our bags.

There have been many scientific studies over the last 30 years demonstrating the adverse effects they have on human and animal health. These studies have been suppressed by the giant telecom companies for obvious financial reasons. These worrisome effects are currently being spotlighted during the 5G rollout around the world, as 5G milliwave frequencies are expected to magnify these adverse effects enormously.

5G is the fastest and most evolved form of WiFi communication. 2G technology enabled cellphones to send sms’s, 3G enabled video communication and 4G (current smartphones) enabled downloading from the internet. 5G promises to be faster to enable instant downloads and driverless cars, but at what cost to our health?

There are currently many petitions appealing for the “Precautionary Principle” to be applied to 5G technology until it can be proven to be safe. Several countries and municipalities have already banned 5G until it can be proven safe. Please see links under Resources below.

What harm can EMFs do to us?

There is already much evidence to show that EMFs are contributing to the rise in cancers, depression, anxiety, behavioural changes, ADHD and learning difficulties in kids, genetic changes in our DNA, cataracts, male infertility and other hormonal imbalances. It is anticipated that the advent of 5G will greatly exacerbate these. EMF is recognized as the fastest growing environmental pollutant.

Some individuals [3-10% and increasing] are extremely sensitive to the harmful effects, and can suffer daily with headaches, fatigue, weakness, brain fog, sleep problems and anxiety. This has been called EHS [electromagnetic hypersensitivity], and labelled “idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to EMF (IEI-EMF)” by WHO in 2005. Also called Microwave sickness. It has yet to be officially labelled as a disease.

What produces EMFs?

  • Cellphones (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G)
  • Cellphone masts and satellites
  • Bluetooth connections
  • WiFi routers, iPads and laptops
  • Smart watches and other wearable smart devices
  • Cordless phones and their base stations
  • Microwave ovens
  • Baby monitors
  • Smart electricity meters
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Many medical diagnostic devices
  • Dirty electricity is another form of EMF generated by electrical and magnetic circuits found in the home.

The earth produces natural EMFs called the Schumann resonance, and other healthy frequencies are emitted by the sun and the atmosphere. These are essential for normal electrical function of the heart and brain and many cellular processes. When we lose contact with Nature and the natural resonance is blocked by pavements, buildings and footware, our delicate electrical processes lose their synchronicity with natural EMFs and become overwhelmed by man-made ones. This triggers a breakdown in cellular communication and problems arise.

Are kids more vulnerable to EMFs?

Yes, due to their proportionately larger heads, thinner skulls, brains which are still developing and more absorbent, and negative influence on stem cells (which are plentiful in the growing years), kids are more susceptible to adverse effects. These can include ADHD, behavioural problems, low IQ, sleep deprivation and brain cancer.

Ideally, kids should not use cellphones until their brain has stopped growing at about 18 years. They should only be used in emergencies. In Russia under 18s are not allowed cellphones.

Advocate for childrens’ safety at schools and child-care centres; ask for replacement of Wi-Fi with hard-wired cables and remove masts/antennas from the property.

Educate your kids about using cellphones safely (see below). Addiction to social media and online gaming magnifies the exposure to harmful EMFs.

Unborn babies are also very susceptible, so pregnant women should severely restrict their cellphone usage and avoid working in Wi-Fi environments. They should not use a cellphone while breast-feeding or with a child on the lap.

Avoid using baby monitors, which emit high radiation.

How to reduce exposure to EMFs:

[a] Cellphones:

  • Think of all cellphones as radiation-emitting devices, thus needing to be managed carefully!
  • Reduce cellphone usage time.
  • Use a fixed landline where possible.
  • Use your cellphone on speakerphone away from the body.
  • Utilize text messaging services more.
  • Avoid using your cellphone near pregnant women and young children.
  • Use your cellphone only when there is a good signal. A weak signal necessitates the cellphone emitting more radiation.
  • Beware of using cellphones in elevators, underground, in cars, busses and trains, for this reason.
  • Avoid carrying your cellphone close to your body; rather put it in your bag or backpack. A cellphone carried in the pocket may reduce your sperm count. Cellphones carried in the bra may cause breast cancer. Closer than 15cm is the most dangerous. The greater the distance the safer.
  • Bluetooth devices are equally problematic. A wired headset is better, but using an airtube headset is safest.
  • Use airplane mode when watching movies or playing games. First download the game/movie, then switch to airplane mode, only then allow the child to interact.
  • Use Whatsapp on your hardwired computer (it syncs with your cellphone, but without the radiation)
  • One cellphone is not safer than another.
  • Do not sleep within 2m of your cellphone unless it is switched off, or on Airplane mode. You will still hear your alarm if the phone is placed 2m away from the bed.

[b] WiFi:

  • Avoid spending time near the WiFi router. Never site it in the bedroom and position it far from the workstation where you spend most time.
  • Turn off the home router at night.
  • Connect all computers via fixed LAN wires.
  • Avoid using a laptop or iPad on your lap, without an earthed protective sheet underneath. Ensure 15-20 cm between the device and your body.
  • Never use wireless baby monitors; they emit high radiation.

[c] Other EMFs:

  • Avoid proximity to microwave ovens while in use.
  • Avoid using cordless telephones.
  • Kids should have limited times on game consoles; choose wired options over wireless ones.
  • Engage an expert to detect levels of Wi-Fi and dirty electricity in the circuitry in your home, and remedy it.
  • Replace CFL [compact fluorescent lights] with LED, which are more efficient and emit less radiation.

How to protect yourself from harmful effects of EMFs.

  • A healthy diet with plentiful organic, leafy greens, fruits, good oils, sulphur-containing foods and nuts is important to protect the body from damage caused by EMFs.
  • Nutrients to protect cells and repair damage to DNA include: iodine, vitamin D3, curcumin, chlorophyll, vitamin B complex, melatonin, coconut and olive oil, sulphur, selenium, zinc, pectin and glutathione.
  • Walking barefoot everyday helps to ground one to the earth.
  • Metal toxicity: ensure all mercury dental fillings are safely removed and have your body levels tested.
  • Place electromagnetic shields around smart meters and routers, if they cannot be replaced.
  • Engage a specialist to measure the EMF levels in your home.
  • Schools and childcare centres should not have WiFi; access to the internet should be hard-wired. Become an activist to protect your children.
  • 5G antennas are going up in our neighbourhoods. Educate yourself about the possible harm to humans, animals and the environment. Ensure that they are never placed within 500m of schools. Lobby against the rollout until they can be proven safe.


By Dr. David Nye