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Let Your Voice Tell You What Your Body Knows

“Sound” has come of age. In the early 1990s, Kae Thompson-Liu, a naturopath and health researcher, was led to the power of sound, frequency and energetic fields through numerous pioneers in energy medicine. After taking a variety of courses in this field, Kae found that none of them gave her the tools, safety and reliability she sought and required. In frustration, she abandoned these practices and invented her own proprietary VoiceBio system.

VoiceBio Is a known and respected worldwide as an incredible energetic assessment tool due to its pain-free, non-invasive process, accuracy, speed, ease of use, affordability, reliability, portability (laptop version and future handheld units), depth of information, and non-reliance on a given practitioner’s personal abilities, opinions and aptitude. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

How Does it Work?

The sound of the voice represents the composite frequencies of the human body. Each emotion, organ, gland and system of the human body has its own frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and vibrations required for their function. There are 12 keynote frequencies in the body corresponding to the 12 notes of the chromatic musical scale. As an example, the colon vibrates to the note of B, the liver to the note of G, a co-dependent personality to the note of C.

VoiceBio accurately reveals frequency patterns in the body, showing what tonal frequencies are either heavy (overworked or exhausted) or weak (stagnant or not working). An assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a VIBEprint empowers people to not only understand the root cause of their physical-emotional energetic imbalances, but also the right key to take back control of their own energetic health, holistically and expeditiously through appropriate nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, therapies of your choice, etc.

What Can I Expect From a Session?

Without asking for any personal information other than your name and birthdate, a VIBEprint is taken in under 5 minutes. The VIBEprint reveals any weak or heavy tonal frequencies, and your VoiceBio practitioner will discuss the relationship of your VIBEprint to organ systems, glands or emotions. Suggestions of appropriate nutrition and herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, therapies, and toning to correct any imbalances are given. This non-invasive energy medicine tool is very useful for people with chronic health problems. The average person is amazed at the breadth and depth of information that is available. A VIBEprint gives you information that can help you understand the ROOT CAUSE of your physical-emotional-energetic imbalances. It allows you to see which areas of your body need support because of exhaustion and which areas need stimulation – the KEY to taking back control of your own energetic health, holistically and expeditiously through appropriate suggestions.

Here is a hypothetical example that illustrates just how VoiceBio works: As is the case with so many newborns, baby Michael is first introduced to nutrients by way of a sweetened, canned formula. As he gets older, he is fed a diet laden with sugar. He drinks soda pop instead of water, eats candy instead of vegetables, and insists on macaroni and cheese for dinner every evening. The parents wonder why their son has frequent ear infections and suffers from airborne allergies as well as poor concentration in school. But the mystery of the ear infections and poor academic performance can be quickly solved with a 5-minute VIBEprint. This child has been putting undue stress on pancreatic function since the day he was born. Not surprisingly, his VIBEprint shows heavy frequency hits in the note of F, the vibration of the pancreas. Not coincidentally, F is also the frequency of the ears. Relieve excess F stress from this child’s system through nutritional support and lifestyle changes, and he is likely to enjoy better energetic health overall.

Everything in the universe functions through sound vibration. Because VoiceBio accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, it can be an invaluable assessment tool on the way to understanding and realizing optimal physical health for yourself, family and friends, or clients.