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QUANTEC, as a “System of instrumental bio-communication”, won the Gold Medal for the best innovation in the field of health development in Europe in 2010, judged by a panel of experts from universities, governmental agencies and the private sector.

The Quantec uses an original digital photograph of the patient to scan the human body’s energy field to identify any existing disorders on an electro-magnetic level. The interfaces that enable a computer to communicate with patients and biological systems, are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise, and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons. Each light emission (contained in the digital photograph) has a twin photon (still present in the patient’s body) and these two photons have been scientifically proven to maintain communication with each other over any distance.

The QUANTEC® scans more than 50 000 remedies in over 200 databases for a response. All three levels – physical, mental and spiritual are assessed. Databases available are for example: colours, sounds, acupuncture, affirmations, allergens, ICD 10 codes, homeopathic remedies, nosodes, Bach flowers, psycho-kinesiology, tissue salts, enzymes, etc.

The Quantec generates a healing sheet containing all the relevant frequencies as needed by the patient to correct the existing dysfunction on the electro-magnetic level. This healing sheet is then broadcast to the patient (Radionics) at the optimal frequency for the period required. A homeopathic remedy (unique to the patient) is made at the same time to further support and restore the electro-magnetic field and initiate the healing process in the physical body.