Kruger, Marlena

Kruger, Marlena
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A neuro-integrative and functional medicine practice, customised to each individual’s unique condition to optimise integrative digital health and wellbeing. A full body quantum scan gives a comprehensive overview of the balance of different elements in the organs and systems of your body. Stress, nutritional, emotional and social assessments are done to compile a blueprint that includes integrative strategies to improve the clients’ overall health and well-being.

This all happens against the background of the exponential growth in digital and technological innovations with the associated increase in the electro-pollution and negative impact on our health and life in our environment. Neuro-integrative health and wellness therapy sessions combined with natural products, essential oils and Rife and Ozone therapy are applied to address the client’s integrative health needs and goals to rebalance mind, body and spirit so that we can all live our best life to its fullest and thrive together!

ASCHP registration no.: NQF 896

B.Rad(iography) University of Pretoria 1982
Post-graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Cum Laude) University of South Africa 1988
Magister of Education University of South Africa 1991
Doctorate of Education Rand Afrikaans University 1999
Therapeutic Lifestyle Education Metagenics 2012


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011 782 4251
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2 6th Street
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