Herbal Medicine



Herbal Medicine

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There are many classifications of herbs used in medicine. There is often overlap between the groups and one finds some herbs common to several groups. Most commonly used herbs are included in the following groups:

Western herbs
These herbs usually have a traditional usage in Western European culture extending back for 500 years.

Chinese herbs
Often combined with classical Acupuncture for optimal effect.
See Traditional Chinese Medicine.

African herbs
Exciting discoveries involving the benefits of some African herbs have yet to be thoroughly researched. Such herbs include Sutherlandia, African Ginger, Warburgia, Buchu, Sceletium and Hoodia, which are very useful in modern clinical practice.
See Traditional African Medicine

Ayurvedic herbs
These belong to an Indian traditional medical system going back 5000 years.
See Ayurvedic Medicine.

Unani Tibb herbs
Relatively new on the health scene, this system of medicine originates in India and was used in ancient Greek times and was then adopted into Arabic culture.
See Unani Tibb Medicine.


Herbs can vary enormously in quality, with resultant variance in their effects. It is important to use the best quality, organically grown herbs, which have been produced according to Good Manufacturing Procedures. The result is a dependable, effective herbal product. Poor outcomes from herbal treatment are most often due to the use of poor quality herbs.


Herbs are used in a wide variety of conditions, including detoxification, liver support, regulation of the immune system, organ support [e.g. thyroid gland], regulating metabolic functions [e.g. blood sugar balance], emotional support, and virus and fungus elimination.

What is the difference between a herb and a homeopathic medicine?



Made from plants

Made from plants & other substances

Have a physiological effect on the body

Have an energetic effect on the body

Have colour and taste

Have no intrinsic colour or taste

The more concentrated the more powerful the effect

The more dilute the more powerful the effect

Caution: may interact with certain drugs

Caution: do not take with/near food. Do not expose to strong odours or sunlight

Follow laws of Newtonian physics

Follow laws of Quantum physics