Non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF), the leading non-linear causing agent to obesity, diabetes and neolithic diseases

National Government’s investment in sub-molecular medicine research. Recipient of numerous national awards, James Lech is a doctoral candidate in sub-molecular medicine/biophysics/quantum biology funded by the governments of South Africa and the Netherlands. Reviewed by Depts. of Govt. James has been requested to train doctors, help improve medical services, and re-design the soldier-training program. Upon completion of his doctorate he is requested to train 1st & 2nd-year medical students in biophysics.

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Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine

The Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine (SACIM) took place from 17-18 November, 2018 at Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, South Africa.

Balancing Sex Hormones Effectively by Dr. Dhesan Moodley

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Toxic metal testing

The OligoScan offers fast and precise tissue mineral and toxic metal testing. The device is available from Dr. David Nye. Call him on 021 531 3545 or 082 641 8800, or write to Find more info at

The dangers of statins

Daleen Totten interviews Dr David Nye on statins. Is the cholesterol story a myth? Are the pharmaceutical companies guilty of interpreting findings with a bias to the detriment of the patient? Statins bring down cholesterol but not improve life expectancy. Are the serious side effects of taking statins worth the risk?

Cholesterol is the body’s response to too high inflammation – the real risk factor of a heart attack is stress and inflammation.